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Tin cans and buckets...

We were so excited to be at the Hilden Brewing Company's Family Fun Day at the weekend where our new hand-build old school garden games had their first outing!

We love games, and figured that weddings and events would look even better with some brilliantly built games that look the part. We're so pleased with how amazing they looked, and most importantly how much fun kids (and adults!) had playing them. Matt made them so that they can fold down to fit in our car which is so cool, and will be so useful for hiring them out.

TIN CAN ALLEY was so much fun to make and uses recycled old cans. The table is so versatile we're planning to use it at any markets we take part in as our stand. It really shows off Matt's woodworking skills - all I did for this one was make the cans pretty! The sound they make as you hit them down is really cool, and kids even had fun stacking up again.

BUCKET BALL is so addictive! We got a stack of juggling balls to use for this game which look great and are easy for all ages to use too. Tom had great fun with this at our house - although mostly knocking out the buckets!

Both games look great as they are or could so easily have floral arrangements and bunting or signage decor added to tie them into a wedding look.

This was our first time as a family at an event that involved set up and facilitation.. It definitely takes longer to set up with a toddler, but was lovely all being together while 'working'. It was a family fun day so the perfect event to all be able to go to. It's been assuring that we really want to work hard to get This Old Home off the ground and create a flexible working life that gives us great family time and work experiences that we're passionate about. We love the relaxed atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings of Hilden Brewery, and our games alongside their festival-style marquees and towering trees fitting the feel of the place perfectly.

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