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Dream Plan

We're. Doing. This.

This Laverty family has a passion for making and building, finding inspiration from exploring and for creating spaces that look amazing. Now that we have our boy Tom Zephyr it's become even more important to us that we do what we love, and show him that there's a passion behind everything we choose to do. We're making a dream plan. And it will work!

This is our first blog post and we'll keep updating as we start our adventure into styling for weddings and events and hand-making really cool home decor... We'd love to see this blog end up with great stories on the family adventures involved in This Old Home, and of course with posts showcasing brilliant weddings and events that we've been a part of.

Now to make a realllllyy long 'to-do' list!

Photo from an amazing Air BnB we stayed in in the Swiss Alps in January. It was the renovated basement of an architect She had such great style and so many reclaimed pieces. Such an inspirational place!

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